Monday, March 14, 2005

A View from the Other Side

NJ Politiko posts some thoughts about the Forrester candidacy for the Republican nomination. The essential argument in the post:

The conservative junkies constantly point out that Jon Corzine is too rich, and uses his money to achieve his political goals. There's no denying that he's loaded. My response to that is, so what?
Guess what? Doug Forrester is loaded too. They're both millionares. Here's a hint for those who haven't noticed a trend in politics today: Politicans tend to be rich.
It's fairly obvious from the overall tone of Politiko's blog (in favor of raising the minimum wage, for example) that the author is not a member of the VRWC, but rational thought from the other side should always be considered. The vast majority of the posts in the NJ Governor category are anti-Forrester hit jobs, but pretty well written.

This is a blog that bears watching. It goes in the Blogroll. (update: or it will, when decides it wants to talk to me).