Saturday, March 12, 2005

Republican Gubernatorial Race

Paul DiGaetano has purchased the most obnoxious advertisement possible, over at It's an annoying full page interruption of your reading enjoyment, especially considering that DiGaetano only got 6 votes in the Union County convention today.
Speaking of which, the real lead story at PoliticsNJ is that Doug Forrester beat John Murphy pretty handily in Union, with a 16 vote margin (3%) in the first ballot and opening up to a 23 vote margin (6%) in the second ballot. Steve Kornacki has all the gory details.
Hopefully that link will get you past the DiGaetano advertisement.

Update: In taking a quick scan around the candidates' web pages tonight, this interesting little tidbit popped up:

03/12/05 22:07:38 dns
No DNS for this address
(host doesn't exist)
Could this be the end for Paul DiGaetano's candidacy?