Sunday, August 20, 2006

Testing Writely

I've started playing around with Writely, Google's latest beta product. Writely is a web-based word processing tool, which can save your files in Word, OpenOffice, rich text, PDF, or HTML. It also has the capability to post to different blog platforms, and allows for collaboration between different authors.
It seems like a pretty cool toy, but I don't think it's quite ready for prime time yet. Knowing Google, it'll get there pretty quickly.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

28 days without a post

I am such a blogging delinquent! I should be on here day after day, posting about the horrors of excess taxation, covering my local school board meetings, or just saying something to keep the blog alive!

But I haven't.

Until now.

You see, at church this morning I was given something to blog about. Something that was a little different from normal.

One of the families in our parish who normally sit about 10 rows in front of us came in as they usually do, but with an interesting twist. This family, with four strapping young men, had among its members a brand-new Marine PFC! How did I know, you might ask? He was in his uniform, and you could tell from the looks of the parishoners that every one of them was proud to have this young Marine worship in our church today. None looked more proud than his parents, and rightly so.

After mass, a number of folks took the time to shake the young Marine's hand. I count myself fortunate to have been among them, and to have had the opportunity to thank him for his service. I hope that the love and respect shown in our church today helps to sustain him over the next few years, as he does the things that Marines do every day.