Sunday, March 13, 2005

DiGaetano Campaign

As a follow up this post, I called the DiGaetano campaign office to ask about their server. Unfortunately, I was rolled directly to voice mail, so I didn't talk to anyone live. On the plus side for the campaign, however, I received a return call that rolled to my voice mail.
Vince from DiGaetano's campaign reports that they are very much still in business. His choice of words was interesting -- "we're actually in fifth gear." Apparently, a mass email sent out by the campaign has caused some kind of server problem, and they are temporarily down.
Vince also let me know that DiGaetano has just released a television commercial, and that it hits Senator Corzine pretty hard. I think this is a good thing -- Corzine needs to take a lot of body blows between now and November if the Republicans are going to beat him. Its also encouraging to hear that DiGaetano's campaign is still active, since his web presence has been pretty much static since December. Once the server gets back online, I'm looking forward to seeing what new material is available.