Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delanco School District Election

Yesterday, the voters of Delanco chose to accept my offer of volunteer service on the school board. Thank you! I'll do my best to represent the interests of the entire township over the next three years. If you ever have an issue regarding the schools, I'd be happy to discuss it with you. My email address is kmadams85 AT, and I am listed in the local phone book. You can also come to the board meetings the second Wednesday of each month, 7:30 PM, at Pearson School.
The voters also rejected the proposed school budget by a margin of 200-158. I'm not surprised, given the heavy anti-tax sentiment prevalent in the state and township right now.
Is it more than that? Are the voters of Delanco really rejecting the budget as a general protest against more taxation? This budget increased property tax on the average township homeowner by $38 for the general fund, and $105 for servicing the debt approved in a bond referendum several years ago.
If you are a Delanco voter, and voted either for or against the tax levy, please let me know why. We will be negotiating potential changes to the levy with the Township Committee, so you have more opportunity for input in the coming weeks.