Thursday, March 24, 2005

Privacy, Schundler's Tax Calculator, and Politician Responsiveness -- Update

Privacy. Bret Schundler's web site now has a privacy policy posted. Encouragingly, the policy is written in standard English rather than legalese. Also a positive, the policy is prominently linked throughout the site -- the Google search I posted earlier now returns eleven hits rather than the one it was finding on Tuesday evening.

Tax Calculator. I received a note from my contact inside the Schundler campaign, with some explanation of how his calculator works. Basically, it figures the additional state funding to be provided to your school district, municipality, and county based on the legislation he proposes, subtracts that amount from the property tax levy, then recalculates your tax based on your 2004 bill and the new, reduced rate. As Enlighten-NJ pointed out in comments to the earlier item, all of the records used are public, and my contact assures me that nothing other than the public record is in the database.

Politican Responsiveness. It looks like I might have jumped the gun a bit in my previous post on this subject. The privacy policy posted to the Schundler web site shows that the campaign listens to the feedback it gets, then acts on it. Bret's team did a good job pulling things together after I asked the question. I closed the first post by saying:

I hope that Schundler's people can make my world a happy one on this issue.
They have succeeded.