Monday, March 14, 2005

Forrester's new campaign manager carries a press release, puportedly from the Forrester campaign, announcing that

On the heels of renewed momentum from a victory in Union County and major new endorsements, Tom Sullivan, President & CEO of Princeton Partners, has been named campaign manager.
PoliticsNJ sums it up in the News Briefs section:
... Forrester is replacing campaign manager Steve Berlin with Thomas Sullivan, the president of a Princeton-based advertising firm and a newcomer to political campaigns. Berlin, who joined the campaign earlier this year after working for George Pataki, and briefly for Bob Schroeder, will leave the campaign completely.
Interestingly, this press release does not appear on Forrester's web site (as of this posting).

What I'd like to know is what Berlin did wrong to deserve sacking. If all this momentum has been built up, it has been on his watch. Whatever happened must have been particularly egregious to not give him even a mention in the press release. So what is it, Forrester folk?

p.s. If you aren't reading the News Briefs every day, you're missing a lot of interesting stuff. Make it a habit.