Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Paul DiGaetano's web site appears to be back online. It still hasn't been updated, but at least it's up. The latest new item:

I'm a bit surprised that his team hasn't added any content to the site, especially after winning the Bergen County line this week.

DiGaetano also has a television ad running, with a web copy accessible here. The main point of the ad is that Corzine is a limousine liberal loser, and that DiGaetano is an all around nice guy with "the guts to take on Corzine. And win." It's an OK ad, with some useful factoids, but didn't tell a compelling story. I think Corzine can be beaten, but it'll take a lot more than guts. DiGaetano has shown he can win a county, and needs to show he can do more before he will be a serious threat to beat Corzine.

My suggestion: start by producing some fresh content for your site. Update as often as you have something to say in public. Most of us can't get around to your speeches, wherever they might be, but we all stop by and check the web for new news and opinion. If you provide new content on a regular basis, people will keep coming back.