Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Last Angry Men: The Trenton Circus: Government Unrestrained

Anthony J. Galasso, Jr. of The Last Angry Men provides an interesting rundown of the current political situation in The Trenton Circus: Government Unrestrained. Here's what he had to say about the Republican race for the nomination:

Conversely, the Republican situation, with seven, count ‘em, seven candidates vying for the nomination, is perhaps the most fitting argument against primary elections. The two front-runners are Bret Schundler, the reform candidate with an impressive record as Mayor of Jersey City who, as some are coming to regret, could not beat McGreevey in 2001, and Doug Forrester, who would have beaten the criminal Torricelli in 2002 for the Senate, had the Democrats not bent state law to exhume Frank Lautenberg and run him to victory. Schundler is the better candidate. Forrester has the money. The other five represent all ends of the Republican spectrum and are itching to play spoiler. The only certain outcome is a vicious and expensive primary that John Corzine can watch, laughing while reclining on a tremendous pile of money.

Go read the rest. It's all good stuff.