Monday, May 02, 2005

Strange Behavior

So, I start my normal blog scan this evening in the usual way - middle click the bookmark folder for Jersey political blogs and open them all in tabs. As I start reading the Bad Hair Blog, Fausta's latest is interrupted by my computer apparently going nuts. It's nearly impossible to read when your computer speakers keep saying "robble robble robble, robble" at random intervals.

OK, let's scan through the rest and find the culprit. Probably some goofy blogad, although I don't remember any of them having sound before now.

The Prop is holding forth on income taxes, education funding and the like. Good stuff, but no sound effects.

Patrick says "You're Dumb" and temporarily loses his socks, but is otherwise quiet.

Sluggo's mouth is making funny noises, but his web site isn't.

Atypically, Enlighten NJ is silent today. Not causing a ruckus in my speakers, either.

Jim is unimpressed with the runaway bride story, yawning but not making funny noises.

Aha, here's the culprit. PoliticsNJ is running a Democratic State Committee advertisement. Kind of a cute ad, using South Park-like animation to make the point that the Republicans candidates are having a sometimes heated debate, while Tom Wilson is trying to get the party unified behind the eventual candidate. Apparently, the Dems are trying to contrast the Republicans' very (small d) democratic process with their own, in which the guy with the most money buys up all the influence in the state party and forces out otherwise viable candidates like the sitting governor.

In their usual fashion, PoliticsNJ gives over the site's front page to the ad, and you must click through it to reach actual content. Unless, of course, you want to follow the link and avoid the ad. I'd recommend checking out the ad, though. It's a classic example of Democrats projecting their own worst traits onto the Republicans.