Monday, May 09, 2005

Gubernatorial Influence at the Local Level

My latest post on the Columns inspired me to dash off a quick email to each Republican candidate for governor. Here's what I asked:

I have a request for each of the Republican candidates, in order to help me make a more informed decision in the primary next month.

Delanco Township (in Burlington County) has been in a running battle to prevent a state contractor (Restorative Programming, Inc.) from locating a group home for teenage offenders in our residentially zoned area. My latest blog posting on the subject is below for your reference.

The question is, what do you see as the proper role for a governor in a matter such as this? Why?

I'd like to use your responses as subject matter for my readers, so if you would get back to me quickly I would greatly appreciate it.

This could be fun. One of the seven candidates has already taken himself out of the running for a satisfactory response by not posting an email address on his web site. Whether and how well each of the others responds will have some influence on my vote in June. I hope you will consider this in your own deliberations as well.