Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gubernatorial Influence at the Local Level: Caliguire Reply

Way back on May 9th, I asked each of the Republican candidates, via email, to answer a question about Gubernatorial Influence at the Local Level. The first actual reply has finally come in, from Todd Caliguire. Here's what he had to say:


I am sorry that I have not had the opportunity to respond to you much sooner, but thank you for your May 9th email.

As for the contractor problem, my position is simple. I will not support no-bid professional contracts. I would like to see competitive and completely transparent contracting at all levels of government.

I regret that I cannot be more specific at this time but you may refer to the For a Better New Jersey Plan for additional information.

I appreciate your question and I hope that you will vote on June 7th.

Best wishes,

Caliguire deserves kudos for actually taking the time to respond, but missed the point of the question completely. Competitive and transparent contracting are a Good Thing™, but wouldn't keep a state contractor from abusing its position to run roughshod over a small township. (For those not following the Capital Academy issue, I've just posted a handy reference guide).