Thursday, May 19, 2005

Enlightened Politics

Enlighten - New Jersey had conversation with a senior citizen today. It so beautifully captures the essence of Jersey politics, it must be linked, read, and treasured for all eternity. The questions are wonderful all by themselves:

SC: What’s a Surrogate?

SC: Well, my ballot asks that I vote for one Surrogate. So who would this person be a substitute for?

SC: So you don’t know what a Surrogate is either, do you honey?

SC: Why do they want me to vote for one male and one female for State Committee? Seems rather silly. One male and one female. What if I wanted to vote for two females?

SC: Well, they’ve already picked everybody, except Governor. Why do they want people to vote if they’ve already picked all the winners? Vote for one and they give you one name, vote for two and they give you two names. Even for the State Committee male and female. Somebody’s already made all the choices. What’s the point of asking people to vote?

Go check it out.