Saturday, May 21, 2005

South Jersey Gubernatorial Debate

On Monday, Doug Forrester and Bret Schundler will appear on WPHT 1210 AM with Michael Smerconish in the 8:00 hour. Smerconish has asked New Jersey residents to forward any questions they would like asked via his web site.

My questions for the candidates:

1. Delanco Township (in Burlington County) has been in a running battle to prevent a state contractor (Restorative Programming, Inc.) from locating a group home for teenage offenders in our residentially zoned area. What do you see as the proper role for a governor in a matter such as this? Why?
2. The Internet has made communication to your elected representatives simpler and faster. Given that your staff can't be bothered to answer (or even acknowledge) questions submitted through your web sites and email, how can the citizens of New Jersey expect you to be responsive to their needs?

Updated 9/21: Both the Forrester and Schundler campaigns have been in touch and promised answers to question 1. I'm looking forward to their responses. Don't have high hopes on question 2, however.