Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Corzine Care

Enlighten-NJ has a little tidbit today about Corzine Care, the provision of "universal access to health care" for pregnant women and children. I was going to post this in the comments, but it started getting too long.

The question at hand -- how dumb does Corzine think we are? He claims an upfront investment of $15 million will "solve" this "problem."

$15 million is just the seed money to rent office space for all the political hacks he'll appoint to administer the new program.

My health insurance costs me $30/week. My employer picks up the rest, probably something significantly more than that, but let's just use $30/week as a starting point.

Making health insurance available to 776,000 people at $15/week (half my cost) would run up a tab of $11,640,000 per week, or $605,280,000 per year.

Now, back to the question of my cost vs. actual cost. Let's assume that my employer is paying 80% of the actual cost of my health insurance. That mean the total cost is $150/week. If Corzine Care pays half the actual cost, then the weekly expense incurred by the government will be $58.2 million, or $3.03 billion per year.

We cannot allow this to pass. The only way to stop it is to defeat Corzine.