Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Schundler Comments on Monmouth County Arrests

So far, Brett Schundler is the only Republican candidate with a web-published comment on the whole Monmouth County fiasco of February 22nd. Schundler warns that Republicans need to be careful about how they play the corruption card:

These events serve to highlight that if our political message in November is Republicans are honest and Democrats are corrupt, we will lose.

Schundler now calls for an elected attorney general and the elimination of pay-to-play. As I noted in my post on the candidates' government reform proposals, he had not previously called out the elected AG as an important change. It's good to see Schundler picking up on this proactively, but disappointing to see Forrester and Murphy just quietly slinking away from their endorsements by the alleged bribe-takers. I'd rather see a more vigorous denounciation of the whole mess by all of the Republican candidates.