Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Republican Campaign News

Here's the latest release from each of the GOP Gubernatorial nomination campaigns:

Doug Forrester, 2/9/05, touts his latest endorsement from Monmouth County Freeholder Rob Clifton. 23 releases this year, just about every other day.
Steve Lonegan, 2/4/05, takes a swipe at acting Governor Codey's plans to tax us into oblivion. 13 releases since the beginning of the year, every three days on average.
John Murphy, 2/1/05, reports the endorsement of the majority of the Sussex County Freeholders and the Sheriff, and also puts out a prediction by strategist David Murray that Murphy will move up big by Valentine's Day. According to Murray, "Many Republicans are waiting for a third candidate to emerge from the pack. That candidate will be John Murphy.” I don't think playing for third place is going to work. Murphy has posted seven press releases (and a blog posting) this year, just over once a week.
Paul DiGaetano, 12/15/04, reports his success in the non-binding Essex County straw poll. His main page still carries his candidacy announcement as Breaking News. No updates in nearly two months -- is DiGaetano still in the race?
Robert Schroeder, 1/31/05, jumps all over acting Governor on the occasion of his announcement that Corzine will be unopposed. Three releases this year, an average of one every other week.
Bret Schundler, 1/30/05, also comments about the Codey announcement. Surprisingly, he also only has 3 releases for the year, but he also maintains a blog and posts about every other week. Another note, I had trouble browsing Schundler's site using Firefox, but it seemed to work OK in IE.

So, it looks like five of the six candidates are alive and well, with one operating in a press vacuum. Not surprisingly, the best funded candidate is also the most active. In addition to his regular press releases, Forrester has been all over the radio airwaves with his message. Schundler's site has a transcript and audio for his first radio spot, but I haven't run across it on the air yet.