Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Commonwealth Conservative notices New Jersey

Over at the Commonwealth Conservative, John Behan says:

The New Jersey GOP has made some strides in recent years, but the deck is stacked up there unlike what we face here in the Old Dominion. If you know of any other New Jersey center-right blogs, let me know. We’re fighting the same fight this year.

John, we here in New Jersey appreciate (and need) all the help we can get, as Enlighten-NJ pointed out in your comments.

Some of the other blogs covering the race here in Jersey:
Jerseystyle, where Patrick covers a lot of ground and politics is a major topic;
DynamoBuzz, where roberto describes himself as "right-wing conservative with a touch of libertarian;"
PoliticsNJ, a five-year veteran with extensive news and opinion coverage, and links to everyone in the world. His Power List is a very useful tool.

And finally, some crazy fool who uses his name backwards as a blog address occasionally has a rational thought.