Sunday, July 31, 2005

Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers Eleven


New Jersey has many different types of bloggers, covering more topics than I ever imagined possible. Previous hosts have organized posts alphabetically, geographically, randomly, and by methods I am unable to discern with my limited mental capacity. I am humbled by the efforts of my predecessors, and hope you will appreciate my own contribution as much as I have theirs. So now, the Carnival:

Jersey daily life
a common topic of blogs
across Garden State

A mother's nightmare:
sick kid, emergency room.
White hot Mommy rage.

Rob picks up a meme
and shares the things he misses.
Memories of youth.

Jersey City bound?
Public service announcement
from Dojo Mojo.

New Jersey heat wave.
Tigerhawk's saving power,
only four PCs.

Cobweb Studios
photoblogs around our state.
Drawbridge near turnpike.

Beer or Piscopo?
Sinatra in Hoboken.
Where is the remote?

New Jersey humor
always gives me a chuckle.
Thanks, Parkway Rest Stop!

Soul bits gone missing,
Center of New Jersey Life
hearing old music.

PDC Ryan
is taking the bar exam.
Almost a lawyer.

Mary is also,
and spends a difficult day
creamless, breakfastless.

Debbie Galant notes
Much Ado about Garbage.
Commenters abound.

Joe sounds so angry.
Irresponsible woman
needs to see a shrink.

Jeff at Buzzmachine
makes a clean break with the past.
No more AO-Hell.

Jersey miracle.
Hoboken housing project:
Jesus statue sees.

Nightfly likes movies.
Amadeus makes the cut.
A month of good films.

Bob takes care of pets
while Gina enjoys The Shore.
Cat psychology.

Precious appliance
almost burns down This Full House.
The art of toasting.

When it comes to dance
Tami can't get serious,
but Nietzsche sure could.

Internet quiz time.
Pictures not all that they seem.
Think helicopter.

Cell phone ICE
In case of emergency
contact your loved ones.

Dental fetishist
tries to hit on Gigglechick.
Results not pretty.

Jersey politics
generate conversation
and create a buzz

Dynamobuzz says
ex-New Jersey senator
not fit for prime time.

Newark Policeman
slain. Gangs in the streets: Why? How?
Professor Kim asks.

Monmouth County "club":
LittleSilvered likes it not,
but New York is worse.

Whom should Newark trust?
Enlighten New Jersey notes
Forrester leading.

Gymnasium costs
spiral uncontrollably.
Thirteen point eight mil!

Meanwhile, SCC
has blown all of our money.
RBM: "No more!"

Outraged at Abbotts,
New political blogger
is Assemblyman.

Home rule is not cheap.
Double-dippers make it worse.
G.D.'s solution.

Beach access ruling.
Time and tide wait for no man
at Opinion Mill.

Math not improved by
state education money
in Abbott districts

Town changes its name:
Belmar? No, it's Lake Como.
Map Quest does not care.

Millburn gets a clock,
Nancy and David get ad.
True philanthropy?

United States pols
get their share of attention
in the Garden State

Political Dogs:
"liberals under my bed"
summertime reading

Princess Tata gives
Vice Presidential advice.
Think he will listen?

Poetic Leanings:
Org chart for Republicans -
Dante's Inferno.

John Roberts Gay? No.
Not really. But maybe yes.
greeneggs explores it.

Sluggo skips his nap
to ponder religious tests.
Dems need to step back.

Enlighten ponders
Hillary, Condi Oh-Eight:
why not their last names?

Terrorism is
a problem for all of us.
Bloggers have their say.

Mary Madigan
Covers Muslim Brotherhood.
This is light posting?

Gigglechick transforms
Bag search opportunities
to story treatment.

New Jersey Transit
can't protect its passengers.
SloppyDawg tells how.

Sometimes food brings up
a conversational urge.
Here are examples.

Yummy baklava
from a Lithuanian?
Secret recipe.

Inadmissible idea!
Hondo wants your thoughts.

Red Snapper isn't
what you might believe it is:
Reptilian broth.

issues affect New Jersey.
We write about them.

Dead Russian spammer
got what was coming to him.
Jim says "Too badsky."

Ali Abdullah Saleh
can release a child from jail.
Sign the petition.

Is Saleh running?
Armies of Liberation
has the full story.

A treaty is passed.
"repeal ... all import quotas"
Fausta likes free trade.

Free trade book review:
Steve says, Ideal weekend read.
Would Friedman agree?

Nuclear power
lets China make hydrogen.
We need power plants.

The French have some gall
criticizing the shuttle.
Can't build a damn roof.

Summer is a time
to kick back and enjoy life.
Bloggers do it well.

Lazy July week.
Vacation doing nothing,
except barbecue.

Perfect Pink Sunday
(except the poison ivy)
pondering boyfriends.

Down at Ell Bee Eye
Shamrocketship drinks and tans.
Girls do a tough job.

courtesy of her husband,
Suzette learns new word.

Ocean County Fair.
Many photographs taken.
Bet the girls had fun.

Everything's All Right
Down the Shore
with Count Basie,
"the Kid from Red Bank."

Bradley Beach pictures
show "Down the Shore" in color.
Nice traffic photo!

Thanks for stopping in, reading this far, and not going insane in the process. Next week, the Carnival moves to The Center of NJ Life, hosted by Sharon. Post early, post often, and forward your links to

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