Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Primary Turnout Light?

I voted this morning at 7:45. In the 1-3/4 hours from poll opening to my arrival, a grand total of four people had voted, two in the Republican primary and two in the Democrat.

This is extremely light turnout, even for a primary. Is my data point indicative of anything? Could be...

Jersey bloggers, let's collect some data here. Let me know what time you voted, what your precinct turnout has been, and how it compares to the normal count. Maybe we can scoop the MSM.

Update (noonish): NJ Conservative reports roughly 10 voters per hour in his precinct. Polls are open about 14 hours, so a weak linear projection would indicate 140 votes total. The average precinct has somewhere around 400 voters (for a general election), and with light Republican registration that probably means an average of 160-175 per precinct. That seems to indicate a heavy turnout, but they do have an interesting mayoral primary going on.

Update 2 (9:00): I stopped by my district polls (Delanco 3rd) around 7:30 tonight. We had 23 Republicans, and 15 Democrats in 13.5 hours. My wife and I comprised nearly 10% of the Republican turnout in our district. The 4th district is in the same location, and over there it's a completely different story -- 116 Republicans and 80-some Democrats had voted. The poll workers (and official Republican challenger) there said that their district was the largest in town, with about 500 registered voters. The difference from one district to another is pretty staggering.