Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Corzine Connection :: Open Thread Hissy Fit

Yesterday this post I noted what looked like a banning in progress over at the Corzine Connection. My question generated a less than satisfactory response, along with a criticism of my posting from one of the other users. The other user decided that my questioning of Matt constituted a "hissy fit," nearly worthy of banning.

Remarks like that SmadaNek's above are just a hissy fit. That snotty "what's that say about your boss" stuff is just wrong and treads close to banning territory because the one thing you don't get away with is abusing the host.

I tried to be polite in my response.
So, it's wrong to ask the Corzine Campaign's representative to the blogosphere about his actions and how they relate to "how your boss intends to govern?"
Note that I asked about policy, not about the man. I find your characterization of my post as a "hissy fit," "huffy" and "snotty" to be offensive and demeaning. You claim to be for good manners, but fall far short of that standard yourself.
If you want your comments section to be nothing more than a mutual adoration society, then by all means go right ahead. But if you are going to take that route, I would respectfully suggest that you change the Corzine Connection's motto. As ROC pointed out, that motto says
The Corzine Connection is a coalition of New Jerseyans who seek a better state through active civic involvement. This web site is focused on building a conversation and community around the issues that are important to New Jerseyans.

Apparently, the focus of the website is really on building a conversation about how wonderful Jon Corzine's policy proposals will be for New Jersey.