Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Corzine Care: The Numbers Just Don'’t Add Up

The gang over at Enlighten New Jersey reviews Curtis Fisher's response to my question and finds The Numbers Just Don'’t Add Up. Overall, a beautiful piece of work.
One little factoid they dug up that I missed in my research:

According to a State of New Jersey report, one-half of the uninsured (600,000) are in good or excellent health. (All uninsured statistics cited are from a New Jersey State report prepared under the direction of Jim McGreevey in 2003 and may be read here)

It's clear that the Senator's team has missed the boat when their response to a simple question generates so many more questions. It's also clear that Corzine Care cannot be allowed to get past the discussion stage. The only way to ensure that is to defeat Corzine in November.