Saturday, February 18, 2006

NJ SCC Annual Report III

Every time I look at the NJ Schools Construction Corporation annual report, I get more and more perturbed. Here's another interesting fact I extracted from the data, showing what a serious problem we have.
The average school construction project for the 2004-05 school year took 17.9 months, which sounds pretty reasonable. Break them down by what organizations managed them, however, and the difference is startling. The 355 projects managed by the districts averaged 17.1 months to complete, while the 24 projects completed by SCC took an average of 29.4 months. That's more than a year longer than the locally managed jobs. The table below lays out the average project length (in months) by completion date.

Year Month Districts SCC Grand Total
2004 Jul 13.1 29.3 13.7

Aug 16.2 28.5 17.3

Sep 19.2 26.1 20.9

Oct 21.8

Nov 17.0 28.6 18.8

Dec 18.9 29.5 19.6
2005 Jan 11.5 31.4 12.0

Feb 17.9 30.1 18.5

Mar 16.3

Apr 18.9 33.1 19.3

May 17.9 42.8 18.5

Jun 19.3 31.7 21.5
Grand Total
17.1 29.4 17.9

So, not only is NJ SCC incapable of estimating or controlling costs, but it apparently is also incapable of completing its jobs in a reasonable amount of time.

The SCC must be closed. The people of New Jersey have poured far too much money into this sink hole.

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