Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Shoots Hunting Partner. Minorities and Children Most Affected

I'm sure everyone knows by now that Vice President Cheney accidentally peppered his hunting partner with birdshot yesterday. A terrible thing to happen, and I'm sure the VP feels horrible about it. Fortunately, it turned out to be "just a flesh wound."

Jack at Jersey Persepective poses the question, What If Cheney Had Killed Him?

... it makes you think, what if Cheney had killed the guy? Would it make headlines in papers (tabloids excluded)? Would Cheney resign? Which brings us to the next question. Who would a)be selected to take Cheney's place as VP[?]
I think it likely that, had this been a fatal accident, Cheney would have offered his resignation to the President. The real question is, would the President accept such an offer? Cheney at that point would still be a brilliant administrator, and a cunning politician, moving with great skill through the halls of power in Washington. In other words, a key asset to the administration. If I were the President, I would not allow Cheney to resign.

If the situation became such that Cheney was unable to perform his duties, then I would consider accepting it, and would look for a replacement in Cheney's mold. Someone with demonstrated political skill inside the beltway, strong on national security affairs, polished diplomatically, and [breaking the mold] appealing to the general public. The position requires someone who has effectively led, as the chief executive, large organizations, because I am really picking my own potential replacement. I could think of no one better suited to those qualifications than Dr. Condoleeza Rice.

Thanks, Jack, for the thought provoking questions. No thanks, however, for the sophomoric final question, "and b)who would run the Bush adminstration?"

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