Sunday, November 06, 2005

Valour-IT Day 5 Update

Today was one of those good news / bad news days. On the plus side, over $5,000 in new contributions were recorded. On the minus side, Army closed the gap by over a thousand dollars, shrinking Navy's lead as you can see in the chart below.

In other good news, two Valour-IT posts were included in the Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers, and Jim at Parway Rest Stop has joined the fray. He's challenging other Jersey bloggers to do so as well:

I'm making a special appeal to Jersey Bloggers who are active military, vets, those who have friends or family in the military and generally to all those who really do "support our troops." You need not make a large donation. Every single donation helps!

Since Jim's readership is about a zillion times larger than mine, we may see some additional donations from the Garden State real soon. This is a good thing, because the OPORD in effect calls for FIRE FOR EFFECT, and we'll need all the guns we can get.