Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Update: Call for Fragging Ends Instructor's Job!

Just before the Warren County Community College meeting noted in this post, the treasonous seditionist "instructor," John Daly, resigned his position to avoid being fired. Here's what the board had to say (quoted in full, emphasis mine):

At the request of Warren County Community College President, Dr. William Austin, the College’s Board of Trustees met tonight to review available facts concerning a recent dispute between an adjunct instructor at the College, Mr. John Daly, and a WCCC student and certain safety concerns that arose as a result thereof. The dispute revolved around, among other things, comments made in an e-mail from the instructor to the student who was representing a new student organization and other facts and circumstances that came to the Board’s attention subsequent thereto.
Tonight’s meeting of the Board was initially called to consider what if any action would be taken. As we prepared for that meeting, we received word from Mr. Daly that he had tendered his resignation from WCCC effective immediately. The Board has accepted his resignation.
The Board has no further public comment on this matter.
One wonders what other facts came to light as the board and school management dug into this "instructor's" activities. Anyone think the press will bother to ask?