Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two More Days to Support Valour-IT

There are an awful lot of bloggers supporting Valour-IT. Many of them have great stories to tell. I just realized how many of the Navy team members I haven't visited recently (see the team blogroll in the sidebar). Check out what a few of them have to say:

  • Boudicca looks to the past and finds a parallel with the present
  • An "old as dirt" mustang discusses real courage
  • Barry at enrevanche is matching donations to Valour-IT - or at least he was until you generous donors maxed him out at $500.
  • Jim from FEWL.NET worries about losing the chaplain from his cruiser
  • Flag Gazer reports an unusual donation
  • Jason is going to OCS to be a pork chop
  • Frank J. says, "A chicken in every pot, a bullet in every terrorist."
These are the people who make Valour-IT work. Show them your support by dropping in once in a while.

Progress Update:

In just two short days, this year's Valour-IT Veteran's Day drive will come to a close. We remain short of our $180,000 goal, but with your help we can still get there; at the current total ($127,713) through PayPal, plus the auctions and any checks that have been mailed in it could be close.

The Navy team is almost over the $45,000 mark -- only $2,700 to go! Press on, Navy!

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