Thursday, October 26, 2006

The NJ Gay "Marriage" Ruling

Glenn Reynolds is running a poll, asking whether or not the NJ Supreme Court's "decision" will help the Republicans nationally. I don't think it will, simply because the decision was really a punt. Typical of the Imperial New Jersey Supreme Court, it directs the legislature to take an action, rather than actually deciding anything on the merits of the law and our state Constitution.
Enlighten NJ called it early:

A ruling in favor of gay marriage would be topic one in the state, drowning out all other issues for the balance of the campaign. Major reverberations would be felt around the country and the last thing Democrats, and particularly Bob Menendez, need are hot debates about activist courts and gay marriage.
The timing of the court’s decision can be controlled and a decision to legalize gay marriage in New Jersey certainly could have waited until after the election. A ruling against gay marriage can’t hurt Democrats and may well help their electoral chances.
Court imposed gay marriage in New Jersey is not going to happen. We might be wrong - but if gay marriage becomes legal in New Jersey tomorrow, the ruling will become know as The October Surprise of 2006.

Chief Justice Deborah Poritz may be a socialist political hack, but she is certainly not stupid. A decision to legalize gay marriage outside of the constitution and the law could have become a powerful Republican turnout driver; this decision doesn't have that power.