Sunday, July 16, 2006

Exercise in Futility

This evening, after my second consecutive weekend road trip to Connecticut, I filled out my "FAIR" rebate application. I was hoping to get a little of the tax relief Governor Corzine promised during his campaign. Sure would be nice to get a few hundred dollars back from the property tax relief fund.

The state provides a nice, online form with which to submit an application. It walks through all of the values required, and generates a receipt at the end. It even reminds the user to either save or print the receipt, as it is the only record that an application has been submitted.

Unfortunately, I probably won't get the rebate. You see, I worked really hard last year to generate enough cash flow to pay my bills, feed my kids, and fund my copious tax liabilities. In fact, I worked about 17% overtime, and that put me into the realm of the ineligible "rich" by a couple hundred bucks. Had I only worked 16% - 20 hours less - then I would be eligible to receive the rebate.

Really "FAIR" system, isn't it? Thanks, Governor!

Tags: New Jersey, Taxes