Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Jersey For Change

Dear reader[s],

Let me introduce you to a relatively new blog, New Jersey For Change. Started only three weeks ago by Chanice, with help from her nameless cousin, NJFC has already covered a local teacher gone big time, the Corzine bail scandal, state government spending, school performance, and corruption. She's even been attacked by the left side of the state blogosphere in her comments, where DBK called her a "[phallic epithet]", "complete schmuck," "full of [fecal matter]," "ignorant," "lying, dishonest little [phallic epithet]," "lying [fecal matter]," "low-life," and "lying [alternative phallic epithet]," all in the span of two hours. I'd say Chanice is off to a good start. Stop by New Jersey for Change and see for yourself.

Tags: New Jersey Bloggers, Spending, Corruption, Taxes, Corzine