Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jersey Perspective: Corzine Predictions

Jack at Jersey Perspective asks, "What issue could sway New Jersey moderates to the conservative side?"

I don't think they can be swayed toward the conservatives so much as they can be swayed away from the liberals (or "progressives" as some of the liberals seem to prefer). There are a few issues that can help Forrester increase the Corzine repulsion factor felt by moderates / independents in New Jersey:

1. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. Drop the slogans and point out the facts.
Under this year's FAIR rebate program, the best you can do if under 65 and not disabled is $350. Corzine would increase this rebate by 10% a year for four years, providing a whopping $35 dollars in tax "relief" to the average homeowner in the first year, followed by $38.50, $42.35, and $46.59. That $162.44 will do absolutely nothing for the average homeowner, who bears most of the property tax burden.
I'm pretty close to average when it comes to property taxes here in Delanco, paying about $4,500 a year. Forrester's plan would reduce my property tax burden by 10% in each of the next three years. The $450 savings in the first year alone is triple what Corzine offers. Forrester's campaign needs to hammer this fact home.
2. Corruption. Corzine's close associations with convicted criminals, censured senators, unfaithful husbands, disgraced governors, corporate raiders, county bosses, etc. The latest ad at PoliticsNJ and a new web site, Corzine's Connections, hit this issue pretty nicely. (H/T Enlighten NJ)
3. Weakness. Corzine's complete lack of substance over the 5 years he's been in the Senate. Enlighten NJ brought up this issue back in July, but I haven't seen much from the Forrester campaign on it.
4. Insanity. Corzine's ludicrous health care proposal, which would break the state's financial back. This was discussed in depth by both Enlighten NJ and your humble host.

Up until the last week or so, I was beginning to despair. But now I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and there's a possibility it might not be a train coming down the tracks.