Saturday, January 15, 2005

State rethinks housing for troubled kids: The Columns II

I had missed this article in researching my previous post. It lays out the story pretty well, and includes a quote from State Senator Allen.

At Tuesday night's hearing before the Land Use Board, state Sen. Diane Allen, R-Edgewater Park, sharply criticized the state for failing to become more involved in child placement.

Noting that the state Department of Human Services owns some 1,100 buildings, many of them vacant, Allen said that "it's the responsibility of the state to care for these youngsters, not little Delanco."
Also, I noticed that in all of the Burlington County Times articles, Mr. Josephson is referred to as a "former state attorney who also represents Capital Academy." At the Courier Post, he doesn't get the former state attorney tag. Is the BCT trying to confer some kind of authoirty on Josephson by consistently mentioning his past affiliation?